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About Us

Who is Givori

Handcrafted by Europe's by finest craftsmen, Givori creates its much coveted luxury smartphones by customising the latest iOS and Android devices. 

Givori is a consummate designer dedicated to craft. It takes many hundreds of hours of skilled and meticulous finesse and attention to detail to produce only one piece. Like a fine watch, bag or item of jewellery, Givori is a fashion essential for the individual who lives life on the catwalk of their own lives.

This is the story of Givori. This dedication. This craft. This insistence on embellishing their lives through experiences and possessions. 

The Name

The name ‘Givori’ was derived from the Italian word Giovani, which means ‘the new generation’. The name aims to envisage today’s young generation who expect nothing less than the best and crave the latest fashion trends, which is what Givori products stand for.


To design and create each and every cell phone as a masterpiece in its own right, each as if it were a piece of a jewelry.

Mission Statement

Being unique is not important, it’s EVERYTHING.